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II have been blogging for 10 years on and off. My first blog was about the how expensive medical visits and prescriptions even though my Dad had insurance when he found out that he had cancer. My daughter's high school friend who was a senior in high school had just lost his foster family and he did not want to change high schools so we took him into our household so that he could finish school with his friends. He was Gay and so I started a blog about how we should realize that gay people were just the same as you and me. Their love life might be a bit different is all. I also blogged about God and whether or not I/you believed in him. I used to find nails on my daily walks and felt that sometimes I was getting a bit to big for my britches and those nails were telling me to calm myself down. Unfortunately I deleted all of these blogs when I went through periods of depression.

I also had issues with my family not being happy with my need to write about things online.

Nowadays I have been writing more about healthcare, politicians and big business.

Other than blogging I do have lots of animals to keep me company and a Grandson that keeps me busy and happy. I haven't worked since my kids were in kindegarten and really do not feel like going back to the jealousy and unhappy feelings that I remember from the working world.

Photography has been a hobby of mine and I still enjoy taking pictures. My halls are full of my photos and so is my phone! 

I recently had a whirlwind time with genealogy and I enjoyed learning about my family and their stories.